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Author: Jerin Jacob

The Art Local | Storytelling and Uncomfortable Conversations

The Art Local is a monthly column by Jerin Jacob that intends to look at how art can be used as a medium of social protest and engagement, a catalyst to encourage and mediate social change. We all enjoy a tale well told. The power of storytelling is undoubtedly tremendous and yes, proven to be impact worthy. There are stories that make us cry and laugh, stories that make us love, care and...

What is Intersectionality?

A male student at a university. Blind. Age 35. He finds himself a victim of three kinds of intersectional discrimination. The factors of ageism and disability along with societal gender expectations (the notion that men should be overtly masculine, and hence not dependent on others)— more often than not — tend to work together against this individual. The reasons for intersectional instances are varied in different places and they reflect the bias and demarcation...

The Taboo around Adolescent Sexuality Education

There is a compelling need for sexuality education in India. A normal teenage adolescent mind goes through a lot of difficult turmoil. Today, when teenagers experience the lack of a firm support system, especially the absence of one that encourages and welcomes discussion, they reach out to their one omnipresent and omniscient companion. You guessed it — the Internet. While there is a plethora of fascinating and enlightening information on the internet, there is...

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