One Future Collective is an organization that works towards building compassionate youth social leadership through the use of art, education, community intervention and policy advocacy – across verticals of gender justice, mental health, legal reform and development policy.

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‘Songs of Hope’ by One Future Collective | A Crowdsourced Justice Playlist

As part of the #16DaysofActivism campaign at One Future Collective, we have compiled a list of songs that we crowdsourced around the theme of Justice across languages, in our communities. You can find the playlist here. We do hope that this playlist inspires you in varied ways and capacities to move on and work harder for the better of all. The songs are as listed below: O Ri Chiraiya, Nanhi si Chidiya - Swanand...

16 Days of Activism | Campaign Announcement | One Future Collective

In the month of November, every year, the start of the global 16 Days of Activism campaign against Gender-Based Violence takes place from the 25th November and the day also commemorates International Day Against Violence Against Women. The campaign ends on the 10th of December on Human Rights Day. In the span of these 16 days, the aim is to sharply reinforce the recognition of violence against women as a human rights violation....

Rise Up – Interview Series | Rosemary Hunter

The FemJustice Legal Centre seeks to increase the use of feminist lawyering techniques in the legal sector, with a particular focus on increasing feminist leadership among legal practitioners, law students and other individuals working with survivors of gender based violence. We believe that the legal field has massive potential to advance the feminist and gender-rights movement. In order for this to be successful, legal approaches with a gender-sensitive lens need to be employed.

Queer Infocus | November I ’19

Queer InFocus is a bimonthly roundup of queer news in India. The Indian Army doesn’t want its gay officers to go ‘unnoticed and unpunished’ November 1, 2019 More than a  year after the Supreme Court decriminalized gay sex and adultery, the Indian Army holds the belief that, to maintain discipline in the forces, these acts need to stay punishable. The Adjutant General of the Indian Army, General Ashwani Kumar, said that other provisions will be made to...

Report | Let’s Talk Mental Health | The Indian Millennials Podcast

One Future Collective, on the occasion of World Mental Health Day, spoke to The Indian Millennials podcast on the topic of Mental Health. Vandita Morarka, Founder and CEO of One Future Collective (henceforth: OFC) and Shruti Venkatesh, Program Director at the Queer Resource Center at OFC spoke on the importance of mental health in India and its various aspects. Following is the transcribed interview of the podcast:

Rise Up | Marital Rape as a Perpetrator of Patriarchal Norms

The Rise Up series is a column that explores how the process of seeking justice can be a transformative tool to combat gender based crimes, while also recognising the survivor client’s agency, lived reality and desire for justice. The column explores the ways in which practitioners working or hoping to work in the field can adopt a gender sensitive lens in their work.

Pride and Privilege | Online Dating: Challenges for the LGBTI Community

Pride and Privilege is a column on intersectionality and queerness. The column focuses on addressing queer issues and themes with an intersectional lens, as this is what activism and outreach should aim for with all of its work. It also looks at issues that are often invisible and unspoken in our community, such as biphobia, dalit feminisms, and ableism, in order to address the issue of privilege that comes with our pride.

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