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Why Should We Protect our Digital Identities?

The World Bank has defined Digital Identity as a collection of electronically captured and stored identity attributes that uniquely describe a person within a given context and are used for electronic transactions. Traditionally, a physical identity was assigned to an individual/entity in the form of ID-cards, ration cards, driver’s license, etc to facilitate movement of people, goods and services, funds and other resources. This ensured that an individual/ entity is who/what they claimed...

Women’s Economic Empowerment: Financial Independence and Happiness

Here’s to stronger, ambitious, content and empowered women. The Oxford dictionary defines empowerment as “the process of becoming stronger and more confident, especially in controlling one’s life and claiming one’s rights”. While the Indian constitution bestows upon the women six fundamental rights, I believe that in most circumstances, women are not in control of their lives enough to make free-willed and rational choices. A major part of this empowerment is derived from being financially independent. To...

Let’s Talk About Menstruation with Ease

The significance of dialogue and discussion around ‘the red week of our month’.   Why do we hesitate to say that we bleed Yes, every month for at least thirty long years It is blood that flows through our vagina But unfortunately on rags and cloths Even the privilege of sanitary napkins Is wrapped in whispers you see We say it’s that time of the month And that is enough a reason To cancel our trips, dance classes And even a temple visit Why do...

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