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The Masculinity Myth and What It Is Doing to Us

The sitcom FRIENDS very subtly highlighted a question that has always bothered me, why do men not share their feelings even with their closest friends? However, it’s not that they don’t share their feelings, it’s how they share their feelings. No person is the same and thus every person, whether male of female, will always have a different way of expressing their emotions. Research however shows that people are often uncomfortable with men...

Disillusionment and Existential Crises in Millennials

Millenials are regarded as being achievement-oriented. They seek new experiences and learning opportunities, a better work-life balance, independence and appreciation. While these are some of the positive attributes, they are also regarded as “wanting promotions too often”, changing workplaces frequently in search for better opportunities, the need to be rewarded for every small achievement, they grow up with the belief that they deserve promotions in spite of seemingly mediocre achievements. As Simon Sinek put it,  “They’re thrust in the real world and in an instant they find out they’re not special, their mums can’t get them a promotion, that you get nothing for coming in last – and by the way, you can’t just have it because you want it.” They are also considered entitled, selfish, shallow and lazy.  While these aspects are correct would it be fair to call millenials the “snowflake generation” as they are often called?

Ageing and the Workplace

The evolving workspace makes way and creates space for a generation of older employees, who would not otherwise stick around. Work provides social contact, personal growth, financial security, stability, a sense of identity and social status.  The workplace -- consisting of the work environment and the group dynamics at work -- plays an important role in the achievement of the benefits of work.  Not only has there been a change in the demographic distribution,...

Mental Health And Sports

Throwing light on the challenges and anxieties sports persons go through. The mental health awareness month in May 2018 saw some large sports personalities open up about their mental health struggles over the course of their career. Sports giants like Olympic Gold-medallist swimmer- Micheal Phelps, NBA legend- Jerry West, NFL player- Brandon Marshall have shared their stories and have thus started the slow and steady process of destigmatizing mental illness in sports. Behind the success...

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