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POCSO Amendment: Loopholes and Breakthroughs

Heinous. Nefarious. Monstrous. No adjective can aptly define the cruelty and the sense of abject revulsion that is associated with the utterly unpardonable act of sexually assaulting a child. Taking advantage of a child’s innocence and trampling upon it by subjecting her/him through such a harrowing experience is the worst possible sin anyone can commit and inflict upon someone.

Understanding Legal Frameworks of Sex Work in India

Sex work in India has had a plethora of legalisation framework issues till date. While the de facto criminalization  is precarious for  both policy and legislation, decriminalization  of sex work is necessary for the physical and emotional inviolability of sex  workers, their rights to life, labour, health, and their reproductive and  sexual rights. According to the National  AIDS Control  Organization,  there  exist 8,00,000  documented sex workers in  India-unofficial figures run  to further staggering...

The Road to Change after the Reading Down of IPC 377

On September 6th, 2018, the Supreme Court decriminalised a colonial law, part of Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code. It was revised, giving an assured voice to the LGBTQI+ community across India through the now ceremonious Navtej Johar v Union of India case. The judgment states in its introduction, ‘and the sustenance of identity is the filament of life.’ Those who identify as homosexual or gender non-binary were recognised by the Indian law, creating space finally, for freedom, individuality, and choice.

Labour, Identity and Hustle in the Time of Capitalism

When a System sanctions a distinctly distressing state of being as the norm and poses it as the essentiality that keeps its engines well-oiled and running, is this being considered problematic? What if the System, larger than you or me or the weakened collective conscience, is posed unwaveringly as the overarching answer to problems of the nation and the self, as the One True Resolution? If Durkheim was to be summoned over dinner,...

Economics and Mental Health: An Odd, Nuanced Combination

Mental health is something very close to my heart. I have grown up seeing my grandma coping with mental illness and every grown up in the house telling me that she has some issue in the head, without going into specifics. In hindsight, I don’t think even they were fully aware of her situation. Later on, I also realised the deep financial crunch that my family underwent for her treatment and how there was little to no support available in any shape or form. These events left their mark on me. While deciding a theme for my thesis, I stumbled upon the economics of mental health, simply by process of elimination. The economics of mental health has had me intrigued, since.

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