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Rainbow Charter | Recognition of Sexual Orientation under International Human Rights Law

Rainbow Charter is a column on international law and queer rights, with a keen focus on macro international law as well as deeper micro LGBTQ laws. This column also maps the current LGBTQ laws based on geogaphic regions and also aims to summarise progressive LGBTQ judgements from around the world and how it shapes the international context.

Understanding Legal Frameworks of Sex Work in India

Sex work in India has had a plethora of legalisation framework issues till date. While the de facto criminalization  is precarious for  both policy and legislation, decriminalization  of sex work is necessary for the physical and emotional inviolability of sex  workers, their rights to life, labour, health, and their reproductive and  sexual rights. According to the National  AIDS Control  Organization,  there  exist 8,00,000  documented sex workers in  India-unofficial figures run  to further staggering...

Decriminalising Sex Work in India: Steps and Solutions

Sex work in India is problematic to say the least. In signing the International Convention,  the Trafficking Protocol, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights as  well as the Convention for Elimination of All Kinds of Discrimination Against Women, India  has evidenced the legislative motive of the Immoral  Traffic (Prevention)  Act, 1956,  which  does not  expunge sex workers  for their contribution  to the sex trade. Yet it fails to preserve their rights or protect their persons as sex workers continue to remain replaceable pawns in a vicious network of organized crime.

The Many Apprehensions of Coming Out, and How to Deal with Them

Coming out doesn’t always go as planned. We tend to plan on doing it for years and as time goes by, it begins to feel like a burden. It feels like being trapped inside somebody else’s body, your thoughts getting tangled, a knot building up inside you. It feels like the closet is too small; small for all your feelings to fit in. Small, for all these thoughts you want to get rid...

The Road to Change after the Reading Down of IPC 377

On September 6th, 2018, the Supreme Court decriminalised a colonial law, part of Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code. It was revised, giving an assured voice to the LGBTQI+ community across India through the now ceremonious Navtej Johar v Union of India case. The judgment states in its introduction, ‘and the sustenance of identity is the filament of life.’ Those who identify as homosexual or gender non-binary were recognised by the Indian law, creating space finally, for freedom, individuality, and choice.

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