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Report | Book Launch of ‘For the Sake of Allah’ by Anwar Aalam

25 February 2019, Mumbai: The launch of For the Sake of Allah: The Origin, Development And Discourse of The Gulen Movement by Anwar Aalam was organised by CSSS and Indialogue Foundation, on 25 February 2019 at. It featured a panel discussion on the book, with Prof. Nasreen, Prof. Ranu Jain, and Hasan Kamal as panelists, and Irfan Engineer as the moderator.

Report | Understanding Gender Bias in the Legal System by None-in-Three Research Centre, Mumbai

8 March 2019, Mumbai: This International Women’s Day, One Future Collective attended an event by None in Three Global Research Centre, a transnational research project looking at pro-social interventions in schools, in the form of a video game, to help nurture a new generation of students with gender egalitarian thoughts.

The Mental Health Institute 2018 — Day 4

MUMBAI- On 16th of December, an early Sunday morning, we all geared up, aware and alert at the final day of the Mental Health Institute. Ms. Havovi Hyderabadwala, co-founder of Mind Mandala and a clinical-forensic psychologist, was our first speaker and she shared her views about Mental Health and the Law, importantly focusing on The Mental Health Act. Participants were divided into groups to read the act and debate amongst each other. The...

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