One Future Collective is an organization that works towards building compassionate youth social leadership through the use of art, education, community intervention and policy advocacy – across verticals of gender justice, mental health, legal reform and development policy.

Mumbai, India
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Certificate Courses

About the Certificate Courses

We offer flagship short term certificate courses, both online and offline. These are high-intensity learning programs in yet untapped areas of learning that have a mix of expert based and participatory learning, and opportunities for networking and mentoring.

Gender Justice

These courses will help you develop a nuanced understanding of issues of gender justice, with a focus on feminist justice and gender and queer rights.

Feminist Leadership

These courses will expose you to in depth knowledge of feminist leadership and its application across culture, infrastructure and policy.

Mental Health

These courses will build your understanding of mental health with real world contextualised concepts and practices.

Courses Held
Learning Hours
35 +

19 & 20 April 2019
Families & Mental Health


₹ 3,500 for students
₹ 5,000 for professionals


To be announced

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