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Rainbow Heart #8 | But Still, I Rise

The Rainbow Heart campaign was created with a firm belief in the power of telling our stories: stories of acceptance of our queer identity – by ourselves or by others. The first edition of this compilation has eight heartwarming stories: ‘But Still, I Rise’, by Indrani Kashyap, is the eighth story in this series, and the final story of the first edition. 

It was my parents who identified my sexual orientation when I was about eight years old. They acknowledged the same and have been very encouraging throughout. So much so that my parents helped me in dressing up and getting the make-up done for my dance performances.

I have never come out to my family verbally. I didn’t say the three words, ‘I’m a gay’, but have lived to the very essence of homosexuality by navigating through questions on queer, confronting homophobes with confidence and making my gender a fluid affair.

When I came of age, never did I realise that destiny had some other plans for me. I could not relate to my biological self anymore. A constant tumult plagued my mind till 2009. It was during this time`that I started modelling. I have chosen thence to be known as Indrani Kashyap, the model. I also resorted to Kathak as an escape during my difficult years. This year I came out to myself as a transgender. However, due to social and legal constraints my parents did not conform to the idea of my transition. But with Section 377 being read down; I am now confident and have plans to successfully transition into someone I have always wanted to be.

Now that so much has changed, I frequently come across people who are genuinely appreciative and encouraging. I am overwhelmed with the support I am getting through social media and various other platforms.



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