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Earth Up! | Plastic is a Pollution Problem

Earth Up! is a monthly column by Ayesha Mehrotra that intends to cover varied issues and solutions with respect to environmental sustainability in India. Everything goes somewhere. Lost by you, found by someone else. Have you ever wondered where all your waste goes? Let me fill you in. 90% of our waste lands up in oceans. Almost ALL of our waste is toxic for the water, soil and air because it contains chemicals which leach...

Sustainable Menstruation – The Impact of Menstrual Products on the Environment

Isn’t it time to make the eco-friendly switch? Environmental impact caused by sanitary waste is one of the significant topics in discussions today. A plastic, industrially manufactured, disposable sanitary pad requires about 500–800 years to decompose. Thousands of tons of disposable sanitary waste is generated every month all over the world. 432 million pads/ sanitary napkins are generated in India annually, the potential to cover landfills spread over 24 hectares. This is a ridiculous amount of pollution which...

Sustainable Development Laws in India

When it comes to the environment - what’s happening in the legal system? The problem of environmental pollution can be dated back to the evolution of life on Planet Earth. Science and technology, industrial growth, and exploitative resource consumption have brought about devastating environmental impacts in places across the world. Some important acts have been introduced in the Indian Legal system such as The National Green Tribunal Act 2010; The Air (Prevention and Control...

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