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Rise Up | What does Feminism have to do with the Law?

The Rise Up series is a column that explores how the process of seeking justice can be a transformative tool to combat gender based crimes, while also recognising the survivor client’s agency, lived reality and desire for justice. The column explores the ways in which practitioners working or hoping to work in the field can adopt a gender sensitive lens in their work. This article is an overview of feminist legal method and how it affects legal practise.

From Ma, With Love #8 | Mother of Dragons, Consumer of Cat Videos

From Ma, With Love is a campaign celebrating recollections of feminist tales and lessons, passed down to us by our mothers, this Mother’s Day. The first edition of this compilation has 16 heartwarming stories. ‘Mother of Dragons, Consumer of Cat Videos’ by Abhay Gupta is the eighth story in this series. You can download the entire publication here.

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