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War and Menstruation

Often, the deepest casualties of war are the ones that don’t find words. Silenced, we believe they don’t exist, as they surreptitiously mock human rights, etching stains forever. Menstruation. Imagine your fifteen year old self (yes, men too). Idealism, passion and dreams of the future. You were probably studying in a school, with fans at least and single gender bathrooms, with latches and running water. You probably had a group of friends and evenings...

What is Intersectionality?

A male student at a university. Blind. Age 35. He finds himself a victim of three kinds of intersectional discrimination. The factors of ageism and disability along with societal gender expectations (the notion that men should be overtly masculine, and hence not dependent on others)— more often than not — tend to work together against this individual. The reasons for intersectional instances are varied in different places and they reflect the bias and demarcation...

Mental Health and Transpersons in India

At least once in our lifetimes, all of us must have experienced what it feels like to be left out. It could have been not being chosen to play in a sports team or not being given a role in a school drama, being the last one to finish food during breaks, being the last in a running race, having to sit alone in a cafeteria, and so many other situations — irrespective...

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