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Pre and Post Menstrual Syndrome

All you need to know about it There’s a subject that has been taboo for a long period of time, and unfortunately, continues to be so — Menstrual health and hygiene. This very taboo has prevented women and others from discussing the important concerns of menstruation, and the effect it has on their health. Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) is the name given to the physical, psychological and behavioural symptoms that occur two weeks before a female’s menstruation...

Sustainable Menstruation – The Impact of Menstrual Products on the Environment

Isn’t it time to make the eco-friendly switch? Environmental impact caused by sanitary waste is one of the significant topics in discussions today. A plastic, industrially manufactured, disposable sanitary pad requires about 500–800 years to decompose. Thousands of tons of disposable sanitary waste is generated every month all over the world. 432 million pads/ sanitary napkins are generated in India annually, the potential to cover landfills spread over 24 hectares. This is a ridiculous amount of pollution which...

Why is Geriatric Mental Health a Less Discussed Issue?

Debunking associated myths and beliefs. Mental health issues in the elderly are more often than not treatable. Unfortunately, this is not the popular opinion. As the geriatric population is on the rise, their mental, as well as physical healthcare, needs significant attention. However, their healthcare is often viewed as a personal challenge of the families and caretakers. If stigmatising mental health wasn’t enough, there is a huge amount of stereotyping directed towards ageing. Consequently, geriatric...

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