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Monitoring and Evaluation in Sustainability

Where do we stand in terms of sustainable goals in India? India has played an important role in shaping the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and has been effectively committed to achieving the SDGs. Government schemes and organisations have actively focused on the elimination of poverty, gender equality, climate change and resource mobilisation for SDGs. Further, special efforts have been made to restructure the federal governance structure of the country through cooperative and competitive federalism. State...

India’s Policies on Air Pollution

India’s policy on air pollution and public transport has us asking the same question we ask when we get on a crowded local train — where do we stand? Recently, Germany announced that they would be experimenting with free public transport in an attempt to cut air pollution in the country. “Effectively fighting air pollution without any further unnecessary delays is of the highest priority for Germany,” their ministers said. Last year, New Delhi recorded an AQI of...

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