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China’s “Helping” Hand in Africa: Benevolent or in Bad Faith?

In late 2015, shunned in a tiny column of a newspaper’s front page was the headline: “Zimbabwe to make Chinese yuan legal tender.” Assuredly, little did anyone who even managed to read that title realise—or rather reflect on the significance of that in China’s growing sphere of influence in the days to dawn soon. Zimbabwe suspended the use of its legal tender in 2009, given the struggle to cope with a 500-...

An Introduction to The Women’s Sexual, Reproductive, and Menstrual Rights Bill, 2018

Parliamentarian Shashi Tharoor’s 2018 bill on the restoration of the sexual, reproductive and menstrual rights of women creates a space at the table for a conversation which has so far only been confined to the more liberal mindsets of the country. By putting forth a bill which crystallizes women’s agency and independence in a positive sense, the questions plaguing women’s emancipation shift from an abstract sort of in-the-air discussion about their theoretical rights,...

The Mala Araya Community’s Claim to Sabarimala

On the 28th of September, 2018, a five-judge bench of the Supreme Court declared in a landmark judgement, that women of all ages would be allowed into the Sabarimala Temple in Kerala’s Pathanamthitta district. It officially lifted the ban, that was instilled in 1955, against menstruating girls and women. As discussions escalated, with conversations surrounding the court’s decision to break religious tradition and how this was a win for women rights and empowerment,...

The Gulabi Gang’s Feminist Vigilantism: Violence and Articulation within a Social Movement

"Yes, we fight rapists with lathis (sticks). If we find the culprit, we thrash him black and blue so he dare not attempt to do wrong to any girl or a woman again," brags Sampat Devi Pal, founder of the Pink Sari Gang, popularly known as the Gulabi Gang. Rooted in one of the poorest and most populated villages of Bundelkhand in Uttar Pradesh, north India, this all woman group prides in its...

The Social Cut | Spider-Man: Into the New Reboot

The Social Cut is a monthly column by Rishika Aggarwal that critically analyses various media shows, movies and documentaries, from an intersectionalist feminist standpoint. If there’s one superhero that has almost been overdone when it comes to depiction on the movie screen, it is undeniably Spider-Man. The web-slinging superhero and his civilian identity, student Peter Parker, has been the protagonist for a number of films. In the span of 12 years, there were 5 feature...

BookView I Re-telling Tales: The Bastard of Istanbul

The true impact of the book doesn’t quite strike you until you’ve actually finished reading The Bastard of Istanbul. The story is too riveting for one to care about anything but the interspersed threads of the characters’ individual stories. Authored by Elif Shafak, parts of the book are set in her motherland Turkey, while others are set in the American cities of Phoenix, Arizona and San Francisco, California. The story traces the lives of four generations of women and how they interconnect with each other, many decades and many hidden secrets later.

Nishma Jethwa joins OFC as Program Director, Feminist Justice

Nishma Jethwa has previously served on the Board of Advisors for One Future Collective. We're thrilled to announce that she will now be joining the main team as Program Director for our Feminist Justice based projects.  Nishma is a Mumbai-based gender rights activist and human rights lawyer. Her expertise in tackling of gender and race inequality stems from years of professional experience in the field of human rights law, including work at the European...

One Future Inspire | Richa Vashista: Gender, Mental Health and Advocacy

One Future Inspire is a series of interviews with young people across countries, borders, spectrums of work and being. These people share a common quality — they inspire us. Our aim is to bring their work to the fore with the hope that it might ignite a spark in someone, somewhere.

Team One Future interviewed Richa Vashista, an ardent gender rights activist and a mental health specialist.

The Masculinity Myth and What It Is Doing to Us

The sitcom FRIENDS very subtly highlighted a question that has always bothered me, why do men not share their feelings even with their closest friends? However, it’s not that they don’t share their feelings, it’s how they share their feelings. No person is the same and thus every person, whether male of female, will always have a different way of expressing their emotions. Research however shows that people are often uncomfortable with men...

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