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The Art Local | Storytelling and Uncomfortable Conversations

The Art Local is a monthly column by Jerin Jacob that intends to look at how art can be used as a medium of social protest and engagement, a catalyst to encourage and mediate social change. We all enjoy a tale well told. The power of storytelling is undoubtedly tremendous and yes, proven to be impact worthy. There are stories that make us cry and laugh, stories that make us love, care and...

Forever Beloved: Toni Morrison and Her Literary Genius

On a misty Monday morning, when the large wooden benches in my college classroom were still freshly unoccupied and the sun shone softly through the college’s semi-transparent sliding windows, Pecola Breedlove’s voice rang in my mind while I was sifting through The Bluest Eye. Pecola is the main protagonist in Toni Morrison’s first seminal novel, The Bluest Eye. I read the novel when I was nineteen. If I was a few years older...

The Social Cut | Spider-Man: Into the New Reboot

The Social Cut is a monthly column by Rishika Aggarwal that critically analyses various media shows, movies and documentaries, from an intersectionalist feminist standpoint. If there’s one superhero that has almost been overdone when it comes to depiction on the movie screen, it is undeniably Spider-Man. The web-slinging superhero and his civilian identity, student Peter Parker, has been the protagonist for a number of films. In the span of 12 years, there were 5 feature...

BookView I Re-telling Tales: The Bastard of Istanbul

The true impact of the book doesn’t quite strike you until you’ve actually finished reading The Bastard of Istanbul. The story is too riveting for one to care about anything but the interspersed threads of the characters’ individual stories. Authored by Elif Shafak, parts of the book are set in her motherland Turkey, while others are set in the American cities of Phoenix, Arizona and San Francisco, California. The story traces the lives of four generations of women and how they interconnect with each other, many decades and many hidden secrets later.

The Not so Sanskaari Book Club Meet | Report

'Oh my, this book was such a breather! I so loved it!', exclaimed one of the members. 'I read the entire book crouched on a chair at the Crossword store. I didn't want to take a copy home lest my mother get uncomfortable and shoot questions at me, so much for bookstores being the current cyber cafes!' shares another. The latest Sanskaari Girls Book Club Meet happened on the 18th of November, 2018...

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