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The Sanskaari Girls Book Club | What We Have Been Reading

The Sanskaari Girls Book Club is a space for curious feminists to explore a range of readings in a safe, supportive and diverse setting. The club is led by young Indian feminists who are excited to challenge their biases, explore what feminism means in their lives and learn from others. ‘Sanskaari’ is a Hindi word often used to encapsulate a number of so-called desirable qualities in a woman. It can be translated as traditional, well-behaved, conservative and more! We are obviously using the name sarcastically as we are anything but well-behaved! We had our first meetup in November 2018 and have had some really insightful conversations till date. This is a list of all the brilliant, feminist, South Asian and provocative books we read this year:-

‘Songs of Hope’ by One Future Collective | A Crowdsourced Justice Playlist

As part of the #16DaysofActivism campaign at One Future Collective, we have compiled a list of songs that we crowdsourced around the theme of Justice across languages, in our communities. You can find the playlist here. We do hope that this playlist inspires you in varied ways and capacities to move on and work harder for the better of all. The songs are as listed below: O Ri Chiraiya, Nanhi si Chidiya - Swanand...

16 Days of Activism | Campaign Announcement | One Future Collective

In the month of November, every year, the start of the global 16 Days of Activism campaign against Gender-Based Violence takes place from the 25th November and the day also commemorates International Day Against Violence Against Women. The campaign ends on the 10th of December on Human Rights Day. In the span of these 16 days, the aim is to sharply reinforce the recognition of violence against women as a human rights violation....

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