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Report | Sanskaari Girls Book Club x Bibliotherapy | Rage Becomes Her

Last month, our Sanskaari Girls Book Club collaborated with Bibliotherapy, a monthly book club for mental health related books and a safe space for sharing run by Apurupa Vatsalya and Sneha Rawlani. We hosted a workshop and dialogue around a book exploring female rage. Two participants, Rishika Agarwal and Sasha Patel share their reflections from the day.

The Not so Sanskaari Book Club Meet | Report

'Oh my, this book was such a breather! I so loved it!', exclaimed one of the members. 'I read the entire book crouched on a chair at the Crossword store. I didn't want to take a copy home lest my mother get uncomfortable and shoot questions at me, so much for bookstores being the current cyber cafes!' shares another. The latest Sanskaari Girls Book Club Meet happened on the 18th of November, 2018...

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