One Future Collective is an organization that works towards building compassionate youth social leadership through the use of art, education, community intervention and policy advocacy – across verticals of gender justice, mental health, legal reform and development policy.

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Digital Campaigns


Digital campaigns are a way for us to build empathy through awareness, expression, and visibility. We take up varied social media campaigns, online petitions, digital awareness initiatives, and the like, across thematic areas, towards building compassionate leadership for tackling these concerns.


Acts of kindness amongst friends and strangers are what has kept so many of us going through difficult times. We don’t want to let these stories pass by untold.

#StoriesOfKindness is our ongoing campaign to capture these stories as a living memory of our times and of every time when one of us rises up to the challenge of being a kinder person, moving the progress of humanity forward! Share a story of an act of kindness that you may have done, that someone may have done for you or that you may have witnessed in the link given below! Only rule is that the sharing has to be completely anonymous. 



One Future Inspire is a continuing series of interviews with young people across countries, borders, spectrums of work and being. These people share a common quality — they inspire us. Our aim is to bring their work to the fore with the hope that it might ignite a spark in someone, somewhere.



The Rainbow Heart campaign was created with a firm belief in the power of telling our stories: stories of acceptance of our queer identity – by ourselves or by others. The first edition of this compilation has eight heartwarming stories.



Feminism needs us to acknowledge and account for our feminist histories and intergenerational learnings to build a truly inclusive future. To make sure that everyday acts and stories don’t fade away. That the feminist acts of our mothers are not lost in history. That their quiet revolutions don’t go unheard. This is why, “From Ma, With Love”, an act of revolution, of celebrating the feminist lessons and lives of our mothers, this Mothers Day, 2019. This publication is a collection of such stories and lessons from our mothers — of mothers in all shapes and forms.



The Thought Project vertical of One Future Collective leads its digital campaigns.

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