One Future Collective is an organization that works towards building compassionate youth social leadership through the use of art, education, community intervention and policy advocacy – across verticals of gender justice, mental health, legal reform and development policy.

Mumbai, India
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About One Future Collective

1. Is One Future Collective a registered organisation?

Yes, One Future Collective is incorporated as Morarka Leadership Foundation, a S. 8 not for profit company, in India.

2. Where is One Future Collective based?

We are currently based in Mumbai, India.

3. Are donations to One Future Collective tax exempt?

Unfortunately, donations made to us are currently not tax exempt.

4. Can I choose a targeted donation option?

Yes, you can choose to donate to support a specific project, training or research study.

5. Do you only accept monetary donations?

We are open to accepting monetary donations and donations that are in kind, please write to us at to see if our current needs are in line with what you would like to donate.


1. Are your workshops only for those from the social development sector?

No. One of our core ideals is to mainstream social development, we encourage participation from a diverse range of individuals and look at building ideas that can serve as cross-sectional across industries.

2. I’m not affiliated to an institution, can I still invite you to host a workshop?

Yes, we offer workshops to independent groups of individuals as well, we require a minimum group of 5 persons to conduct a workshop.

3. What languages are the workshops offered in?

We currently offer workshops in English and Hindi.

4. What are the fees attached to each workshop?

Our workshops are priced differently according to the content and level of specialisation, kindly write to us at for more details.

5. Are your Institutes only for those from the development sector?

No. These Institutes are focused on providing short term intensive training to anyone with an interest in the specific field.

6. Are your Social Leadership Training Programs only for those from the development sector?

No, the Social Leadership Training Programs looks at building leaders from across sectors who can then incorporate social development needs and practices into their line of work. We encourage participation from a diverse range of individuals and look at building ideas that can serve as cross sectional across industries.

7. Is this a residential program?

No, the program is offered over the weekends at an educational institution in Mumbai.


1. Do you undertake commissioned research?

Yes. We frequently undertake unbiased commissioned research.

2. How can we use your resources?

We encourage individuals and organisations to use our research and resources as required. While we provide these in the public domain pro bono, we expect reference and due credit to our work wherever it is undertaken. We work under a creative commons license.

The Thought Project

1. What is the ‘Writing for Social Impact’ training program?

This program is a 3 week, online and offline training program that develops specialised writing skills aimed towards creating social impact and storytelling for the social sector.

2. How can I write for The Thought project?

Please email us a writing sample at with the subject line: TTP_WritingSample_Topic.

3. I want to undertake a research study supported by One Future Collective, would that fall under The Thought Project?

No, that would fall under the research vertical. Kindly write to us at with your research proposal. We do not fund research projects but provide domain specific expertise and mentoring. In some exceptional cases we may provide funding support for a research study.

4. I want to undertake a social media campaign supported by One Future Collective, would that fall under The Thought Project?

Yes, all our digital advocacy projects fall under The Thought Project. Kindly send us your campaign outline at

Financial Aid Policy

1. Do you pay your interns?

We currently offer a needs based stipend to our interns. Unfortunately we cannot offer a stipend to all our interns owing to financial restraints. None of our interns or volunteers have to undertake any expenses, all costs are reimbursed.

2. What is your Financial Aid policy for workshops?

We offer pro bono workshops where institutions show sufficient cause for the same. In case of independently organised workshops we waive of registration fees for a select number of participants on a case by case, needs basis.


1. What do you do with the personal information I share with you?

The personal information you share with us is used only for the purposes that you give consent to. While we cannot take responsibility for data theft, we strive to ensure that all personal data shared with us is protected.

2. What is your policy regarding persons with disabilities that want to engage as participants at events or as volunteers?

We have an equal access policy and strive to ensure that all our events and volunteering opportunities are equally accessible by persons with disabilities. In case there are additional measures that you believe we can incorporate, we would be happy to hear from you, do write in to us at

3. Do you have an equal opportunities policy?

Yes, we have a very strong equal opportunities policy where we make every attempt to ensure that persons of all genders, castes, races, economic backgrounds and otherwise are able to be a part of One Future Collective equally.

4. What are your in house policies regarding mental healthcare?

We provide free counselling to our team members, full time or voluntary. We follow a sick leave policy that allows every team member to take a mental health day just as easily as they would take a day off for having a cold. Additionally, we work towards creating a work environment that supports and nurtures mental healthcare of each individual. We also provide pro bono mental health services, primarily counselling, to persons outside of One Future Collective that cannot afford to pay for these services, for whatever reason.

5. What is your anti-sexual harassment policy?

We have a very strict anti-sexual harassment policy with a legally compliant complaints mechanism to address any issue of sexual harassment that arises.

6. What is your policy regarding volunteers that are minors?

We encourage all age groups to volunteer with us. While we believe in personal autonomy even before the age of eighteen, unfortunately, if you are a minor, we will legally require a letter from your guardian giving you permission to volunteer with us.

7. What is your confidentiality policy regarding experiences shared during workshops or otherwise with your team members?

We have an absolute and strict confidentiality policy, no personal information or stories are divulged to another person or a larger audience, even anonymously, without the express consent of those involved. In some cases we may be legally bound to share this information with certain persons, in such a scenario, our team member will inform you of this before listening to your experience.

One Future Collective