One Future Collective is an organization that works towards building compassionate youth social leadership through the use of art, education, community intervention and policy advocacy – across verticals of gender justice, mental health, legal reform and development policy.

Mumbai, India
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FemJustice Legal Centre

One Future Collective’s FemJustice Legal Centre is a space where the process of seeking justice can be a transformative tool to combat gender-based crimes, while also recognising the survivor-client’s agency, lived reality and desires for justice. The Centre works to improve existing legal systems and create new alternative pathways so that survivors can access justice that is healing and empowering.

We offer:

  1. Trainings, workshops and courses on feminist, trauma-informed and movement lawyering and feminist justice. 
  2. Preliminary legal and mental health support for survivors of gender-based violence  as well as opportunities to volunteer via our FemJustice Legal Aid Helpline.
  3. Knowledge creation and dissemination to support survivors of gender-based violence and further the practice of and knowledge about feminist justice. 
  4. Alternative spaces for justice for survivors of gender-based violence such as healing circles, art-based therapy, dance movement therapy and more.

Trainings, Workshops & Courses on Feminist Lawyering and Feminist Justice 

By creating a replicable curriculum to equip lawyers, judges and other stakeholders of the justice system with the right skills to support survivors of violence, we hope to equip participants with the tools to translate theory into practice. Skills participants will gain include, but not be limited to, how:

  • To make survivor-centric and rights-based arguments and judgements in court;
  • To make survivor-centric and rights-based laws and policies; 
  • To practice feminist principles when interacting with their survivor-client; and
  • To apply a trauma-informed approach when building the client-attorney relationship;
  • To apply a trauma-informed approach when building a doctor-patient/client relationship with a survivor. 

The workshop and training element of this project seeks to challenge the traditional notion that law is a neutral, objective and rational set of rules, unaffected by the perspective of those who wield power in societies.

Participants shall address the social, cultural and political contexts that shape the legal system. Given that law (as a culture, system and as an institution) is a reality that women and non-binary people face and engage with, it is essential for gender rights activists to explore how law can be utilised to transform lives. During the course participants will apply the feminist lawyering principles to a law, policy or practice that is currently limiting women’s human rights. They will be encouraged to develop strategies which they can utilise in their own work to change this. 

We have trained 300+ persons in feminist justice practices since the inception of the Centre in 2019. If you would like to run a workshop or long term training with us or invite us to your institution, get in touch at To find out about our ongoing courses, click here.

FemJustice Legal Aid Helpline

The FemJustice Legal Aid Helpline is a helpline where anyone that has faced gender-based violence can access preliminary legal advice. The helpline (+91 9019548792) is open 12-4pm on Thursdays and Fridays. Anyone with a query on cases of gender-based violence – including and limited to domestic violence, sexual violence, sexual harassment; acid attacks; other greivious injury, forced marriages, online violence, rape – can call the helpline for preliminary legal advice. There are no other restrictions on who can call.

At the helpline we think about how we can alter the ways in which we engage with and support survivors of gender-based violence in making the legal process a transformative and healing journey, rather than one of re-traumatisation. All of our volunteers are trained in feminist lawyering tools as well as taking a trauma-informed approach. Through this helpline, we are seeking to address the lack of legal aid, support and advice that women and other marginalised individuals have when it comes to seeking justice from gender-based violence.

We have assisted 35+ survivors of gender-based violence in accessing legal and mental healthcare since the launch of the helpline in January 2020. For more information on how to become a volunteer at the helpline, see and to apply click

Knowledge Creation and Dissemination 

We want to ensure survivors and their support ecosystems have access to the correct resources and knowledge as well as to further a culture of feminist justice practices in everyday life. 

A key part of our work involves building resources, manuals, e-books and games around these themes. If you would like to engage us for a demo or to commission such a resource, please write to us at  

Alternative Spaces for Justice

We recognise that not everyone will want to take the formal legal route and work towards providing alternative pathways for justice too. Currently, we hold space for a monthly healing circle that will serve as a closed support group for survivors of sexual violence in Mumbai. The circle is facilitated by Pragya Lodha, a Clinical Psychologist and Research Associate at Desousa Foundation as well as Honorary Associate Editor for the Indian Journal of Mental Health and Programme Director for the MINDS Foundation.

The group is open to all cis women, trans persons, intersex persons and non binary identities. It will be held every 4th Sunday of the month. To sign up and find out more information, please register at Spaces are limited and new members will not be admitted until the first 6 month cycle has been completed.


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