One Future Collective is an organization that works towards building compassionate youth social leadership through the use of art, education, community intervention and policy advocacy – across verticals of gender justice, mental health, legal reform and development policy.

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Learning with OFC

What is Learning with OFC?

Learning with OFC is a three-month [20th May to 20th August, 2020] journey of co-learning, unlearning and creating along the themes of gender justice, mental health and feminist leadership with a curated community of thinkers and doers. The first edition will be held entirely virtually.

What does Learning with OFC include?

  1. Two Certificate Courses: you can pick from the courses that we are conducting at no additional costs or the participants can come together and choose from our list of courses and have that conducted exclusively for them.
  2. Three Exclusive Workshops: led by senior industry leaders on themes requested by participants.
  3. Community group: a space for learning from each other and developing nuanced perspectives on current issues, facilitated by those working on these issues.
  4. Fortnightly Community Meet-Ups: exclusive spaces to share, learn and grow with each other, including open mic nights, book readings, workshops and open spaces.
  5. Fortnightly curated learning resources: a curated resource pool of short books, articles, papers, music, films, podcasts and more.
  6. Reflection assignments: optional spaces to reflect, write and share.
  7. Exclusive 1:1 mentoring for community members with team members.

Who should join?

If you are someone that is curious about learning through critical inquiry, while building a sustained community with a shared passion for knowledge and action, this is a space for you! You get access to high quality courses, events, workshops, poetry, game nights and other unique learning opportunities and resources–all explored through the lens of intersectionality and intersectional feminism.

How can you join?

Applications for the first cohort are completed and will reopen in September 2020. Stay tuned in to this page.

The selection criteria is only that you are passionate about these issues and have a deep interest in expanding your learning and critical inquiry skills.

What is the duration of this journey?

The Learning with OFC journey formally lasts for three months but we hope that it will be a community-based learning journey that shall last over the years.

What do we offer?

Learning with OFC offers community, nuance, and intensive learning.

  1. Community: A community space to learn subjects that are curated for you and by you. Our community has always been strong, kind and manages to hold space for complex conversations surrounding learning. We nurture transformative safe spaces that promote critical inquiry, unlearning, and dialogue.
  2. Nuance: Our learning products reflect OFC’s core belief: we do not believe in simple, linear solutions. We know that the most impactful solutions often lie at the centre of ambiguity and controversy. We welcome these solutions, and create pathways to reach them.
  3. Intensive learning: Learning with other people at OFC will be demanding. These connections will ask you to listen to others, be attentive to change, and build upon ideas–together. We invest in individuals to deepen their knowledge base, support leadership capacities, accelerate change efforts, ignite ideas and transform them into action.

What is happening today in the world that makes this so relevant?

We are all grappling with the uncertainty brought upon by the pandemic; everybody is affected. We see human beings reaching out to each other, stepping up and being kinder to each other–this is a vision we want to carry forward past the pandemic, as a way of life. Alongside, we want to ensure that this individual kindness translates into systemic reform and transformation.

What we see is incredible grief along with incredible strength. People are looking for connection, change, new knowledge systems and kindness–at home, work, and with friends. Oppressive systems and structures will be dismantled, allowing us to collectively create new ways of being by means of care and radical kindness. Through Learning with OFC, we believe we can equip participants with the tools and knowledge to start creating a meaningful new world, together.


One Future Collective