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One Future Fellowship 2020

What is the One Future Fellowship?

The world is facing a crisis of leadership. It requires the nurturing of young leaders that represent values of feminist leadership towards radically shifting oppressive structures that our world is currently built on as a way to rebuilding more just and equitable communities.

The fellowship is our way of germinating such leadership in pockets of the world and was conceptualised as a space for nurturing value led social leaders that would go on to radically transform every space they occupy. We envisage this journey as one of ‘building people and not just ideas’.

It is a 3 months part-time learning and action journey aimed at nurturing feminist leaders in the social sector through intensive learning modules, coaching, action projects and opportunities for forming connections.

What does the One Future Fellowship include?

The fellowship is curated virtually in 2020 owing to the CoVid-19 outbreak. It is focused on deep learning, action projects and coaching. It includes:

1. Learning 

The learning modules will focus on exploring personal leadership and deep diving into aspects of social leadership, both in terms of concepts and theory and in terms of tools and frameworks. All learning modules will be rooted in intersectional feminist practices and values.

An indicative outline of modules that will be included are:

  1. Leadership, management and development;
  2. Community organising;
  3. Storytelling;
  4. Fundraising;
  5. Communication for Social Impact;
  6. Design Thinking;
  7. Monitoring and Evaluation: including Theory of Change;
  8. Communication skills: presentations, facilitation, reporting, negotiation; and more.

The fellowship will have 6-8 hours of live learning workshops every Sunday for its entire 3 months duration. It will also have assignments, reflection papers and action projects that will take about 4-6 hours during the week.

2. Coaching 

Each fellow will be paired with an individual personal coach. This coaching relationship will be facilitated by us for the first few interactions and will then be periodically monitored.

3. Action Projects

Instead of individual projects like the 2019 cohort. Micro action and advocacy projects will be assigned to groups throughout the fellowship. The nature of these projects will be communicated to the fellows during the selection process and will be evolving.

4. Connection Opportunities 

We will strive to provide for connections and learning opportunities within and outside of One Future Collective.

Who is the One Future Fellowship for?

The fellowship is for people with a strong desire for social justice and with the ability to get things done. This fellowship is for you if:

  1. You thrive in a challenging environment.
  2. You do not shy away from seeking better answers and asking questions.
  3. You believe in the values of intersectional feminism and social justice.
  4. You are a thinker and a doer.
  5. You are between the age of 18 to 30 years old [we are flexible on both ends of the age limit].

Persons of all genders are welcome.

What does the selection process look like?

There is a three step selection process:

  1. Filling the application form:
  2. Shortlisted candidates receive a short time bound assignment.
  3. Final shortlisted candidates have an interview with a leadership team member from One Future Collective.
  4. Final selections are made and communicated on a rolling basis.

We don’t select more than 15 fellows and are willing to run with a smaller cohort size if we don’t find the right candidates. In 2019, we had a selection rate of under 10% for the fellowship. 

Logistical Details

  • Dates: 2nd August to 31st October, 2020;
  • Location: Virtual
  • Learning track will be held every Sunday, during these three months, from 10am to 5/6pm;
  • You may have additional virtual learning experiences through the week;
  • The time commitment required as per other assignments.

Is there a fee for participation in the fellowship?

A program similar to this fellowship would cost anywhere between 80,000 INR to 1,00,000 INR. We charge a token amount between 15,000 INR to selected applicants to ensure accountability towards the fellowship and sustainability of the program.

We do offer part and full needs based scholarships.

More details about partners and the impact of the 2019 fellowship will be released soon. 

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