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We’re creating a library of resources: inclusive of manuals, games, research studies and data sets to address the knowledge gap on key social issues and build innovative learning and knowledge sharing tools for larger impact. We hope that these resources will be of help to you, please feel free to share them ahead with attribution to One Future Collective.

Printables and Social Media Shareables

We’re constantly creating easily shareable content around gender justice, feminist leadership and mental health. You can view and download some of that content as printables and social media shareables from the folder given below.


Guide: Supporting Survivors of Domestic Violence during COVID-19

Several nation-wide lockdowns have been imposed by governments worldwide in an attempt to contain the spread of the virus. Following the lockdown, many unintended consequences such as economic slowdowns, increased unemployment and rise in domestic violence have ensued which all countries are finding it difficult to grapple with. There is an uncertainty amongst the various stakeholders involved about the process that needs to be followed while responding to survivors of domestic violence.

This guide on “Supporting Survivors of Domestic Violence during COVID-19” is an endeavour of One Future Collective which identifies the capacities of bystanders, lawyers, medical professionals, survivors and the governments and recommends ways by which each of these can contribute to the safety and protection of survivors of domestic abuse during this crisis.


White Paper: Using Feminist Practices to Improve the Justice Delivery System for Survivors of Gender-Based Violence

The meaning of justice differs for each individual based on their own understanding of the law, resources and past experiences. When one thinks of justice, the formal legal process inevitably comes to mind. While the formal legal system suffers from delays, there are many other issues that a victim of gender-based violence (GBV) might have to face. Delay in itself can lead to the victim feeling anxious, helpless, and further victimised as for that many years they might feel they are continuously reminded of that incident. 

There are reforms in the formal legal system that can be brought about which may lead to making the legal process faster and fairer for a victim. This white paper makes suggestions that can be put in place to achieve this. 


Sexual Health and Pleasure Manual

Many of us have had barriers to learning about sexual health and pleasure while growing up. There are also many myths perpetuated in relation to sexual health and pleasure. This manual was created to provide a resource that was inclusive, not just for one target group, but for everyone, including LGBTQIA+ people, people with disabilities etc; groups who are often left out of the conversation. The idea of making this manual intersectional is to normalise all aspects and facets of sexual health and pleasure.


Self Care for Caregivers Manual

In India, and in the world, society places great emphasis on caring for others—family, friends, those less privileged than us. Caregiving is work. Once we acknowledge this, we see a dangerous, lesser spoken of effect of caregiving: forgetting to take care of ourselves. Caregiving takes a physical, mental, and emotional toll on people—one not often spoken about. The health of caregivers is important, and should not be ignored. We want to fix this. The manual on ‘Self-care for Caregivers’ gives our readers the 101 on caregiving—definitions, signs of burnout while taking care of others, a self-care plan—we’ve got you covered.


LGBTQIA+ Myths & Facts E-Book

Most queer lives in India are dented by the negative stereotypes surrounding the community and each identity. Allowing them to entirely shape the course of our journeys would be a grave injustice to the ones who will come after us – where we fail to leave a world behind which is a lot kinder to them. This e-book will help you debunk the most common myths surrounding homosexuality, bisexuality, trans people, asexuality, non-binary identities, intersex people and other misconceptions related to gender and sexuality. We have tried our best to be as inclusive as possible.


LGBTQIA+ How to be a Great Ally Manual

An ally is a person who is a member of the dominant group who works to end oppression in his or her own personal and professional life by supporting and advocating with the oppressed population. Being a great ally in India becomes particularly important because of the widespread stigma and dehumanisation of queer persons. This also means that parental acceptance is generally low, leaving queer millennials to seek support mainly from each other and their allies. This manual is meant to serve as an introductory guide for allies to learn how to be better, and great allies.


Status of Mental Health of Urban Youth in India: A Survey-based Study

Despite the advancement with globalisation and the technological revolution, the 21st century continues to be caught in the stigma towards mental health. Having witnessed the rising statistics of mental health burden among the youth, the study aims at preliminarily understanding the status of mental health among the Indian youth by assessing attitudes towards seeking professional help and perceived stigma towards mental health among the youth.


Feminist Justice: A Book of Haikus

‘Feminist Justice: A Book of Haikus’ is a collection of poems co-created on the 17 August 2019 at the soft launch of our FemJustice Legal Centre in Mumbai. On this occasion, the audience was asked to co-write Haikus about their idea of gender justice, gender-based violence and feminism with a general structure of one person writing one line before passing it on to a stranger. We have chosen to share some we found most striking with you through this booklet.


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