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The Sanskaari Girls Book Club


The Sanskaari Girls Book Club is a space for curious feminists to explore a range of readings in a safe, supportive and diverse setting. We are led by young Indian feminists who are excited to challenge their biases, explore what feminism means in their lives and learn from others.

‘Sanskaari’ is a Hindi word often used to encapsulate a number of so-called desirable qualities in a woman. It can be translated as traditional, well-behaved, conservative and more! We are obviously using the name sarcastically as we are anything but well-behaved! Our images, posters and descriptions should make this clear.


  1. To provide a safe space for feminists and feminists in-learning to explore concepts and ideas they cannot otherwise discuss.
  2. To spotlight South Asian feminist readings and their relevance to us.
  3. To create a community of readers who can explore and critically discuss fiction and non-fiction feminist texts.

Non-Indian participants are welcome but encouraged to listen to the experiences of those who have experience of the Indian context. It is important that this book club remains a safe space for those groups in particular. Readings will have a feminist and South Asian focus and will be crowdsourced. Selected readings will be curated by city facilitators.

If you want to share your passion for exploring feminist readings with others then this is the place for you. We’re taking the idea of ‘being sanskaari’ and flipping it on its head – join us! We’re excited to offer you a space for feminist dialogue and sharing with other kick-ass individuals. Don’t worry if you’re new to feminism – we’re starting light! In person meet-ups will be held in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Pune, Boston, London, Hanover, and Bay Area, with online discussions for those of you based elsewhere. Join the #sanskaarigirls and read your way to a revolution!

Shout-out to the Fearless Collective for sharing their artwork with us, for us to use as our representative image.



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