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Report | Let’s Talk Mental Health | The Indian Millennials Podcast

One Future Collective, on the occasion of World Mental Health Day, spoke to The Indian Millennials podcast on the topic of Mental Health. Vandita Morarka, Founder and CEO of One Future Collective (henceforth: OFC) and Shruti Venkatesh, Program Director at the Queer Resource Center at OFC spoke on the importance of mental health in India and its various aspects. Following is the transcribed interview of the podcast:

Crowdsourced Playlist for Feeling Better | World Mental Health Day 2019

Today is World Mental Health Day, a day where the overall aim is to raise awareness of mental health issues, and get everyone involved in doing so. NGOs, individuals, organisations and workplaces all get involved in the conversation, as it’s an opportunity for them to speak up about mental health, highlight the work they are doing, and show how best to support individuals. World Mental Health Day is an important day for mobilising everyone in support of mental health issues, because it’s 2019, and conversations around mental health are still taboo.

One Future Inspire | Richa Vashista: Gender, Mental Health and Advocacy

One Future Inspire is a series of interviews with young people across countries, borders, spectrums of work and being. These people share a common quality — they inspire us. Our aim is to bring their work to the fore with the hope that it might ignite a spark in someone, somewhere.

Team One Future interviewed Richa Vashista, an ardent gender rights activist and a mental health specialist.

The Mental Health Institute 2018 — Day 4

MUMBAI- On 16th of December, an early Sunday morning, we all geared up, aware and alert at the final day of the Mental Health Institute. Ms. Havovi Hyderabadwala, co-founder of Mind Mandala and a clinical-forensic psychologist, was our first speaker and she shared her views about Mental Health and the Law, importantly focusing on The Mental Health Act. Participants were divided into groups to read the act and debate amongst each other. The...

The Mental Health Institute 2018 – Day 2

MUMBAI -- Day two of The Mental Health Institute was full of information and discussions. We started with a lecture by Dr. Kersi Chavda, psychiatrist, who covered multiple dimensions of adolescent mental health, focusing on depression, aggression the increasing rate of suicides in the country. He also discussed the Blue Whale issue which continues to take many lives around the world. Dr. Chavda stressed on the need for mental health professionals to focus...

Ed-Innovate I Innovate to Include

Educational Innovations Series #2 (This article is a part of the Educational Innovation series, by Pukhraj Ranjan, which explores global innovations that are helping solve critical issues in K12 education with the hope to spread it to the Indian education landscape and beyond.) “A lot of different flowers make a bouquet.” — Muslim Origin As an Indian growing up, I have heard the phrase "unity in diversity" a million times. However, I am often surprised by the absence...

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War and Menstruation

Often, the deepest casualties of war are the ones that don’t find words. Silenced, we believe they don’t exist, as they surreptitiously mock human rights, etching stains forever. Menstruation. Imagine your fifteen year old self (yes, men too). Idealism, passion and dreams of the future. You were probably studying in a school, with fans at least and single gender bathrooms, with latches and running water. You probably had a group of friends and evenings...

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