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Crowdsourced Playlist for Feeling Better | World Mental Health Day 2019

Today is World Mental Health Day, a day where the overall aim is to raise awareness of mental health issues, and get everyone involved in doing so. NGOs, individuals, organisations and workplaces all get involved in the conversation, as it’s an opportunity for them to speak up about mental health, highlight the work they are doing, and show how best to support individuals. World Mental Health Day is an important day for mobilising everyone in support of mental health issues, because it’s 2019, and conversations around mental health are still taboo.

Without a Song or Dance, What are We?

The medical world is slowly discovering the power of music as an intervention for people affected by Alzheimer’s. My grandmother was 85 when she began to forget. She couldn’t remember my name, never knew where she was, and barely recognised her own husband even when he sat right in front of her. But when we were at the piano, and I played Somewhere Over the Rainbow, she knew all the words. Our healthcare systems imagine human...

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