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The Taboo around Adolescent Sexuality Education

There is a compelling need for sexuality education in India. A normal teenage adolescent mind goes through a lot of difficult turmoil. Today, when teenagers experience the lack of a firm support system, especially the absence of one that encourages and welcomes discussion, they reach out to their one omnipresent and omniscient companion. You guessed it — the Internet. While there is a plethora of fascinating and enlightening information on the internet, there is...

Sex-Ed in India: Moving From Protection To Pleasure

Did you ever have a sex education class in school — you know the one where they rushed through badly illustrated versions of your sexual organs and preached abstinence till marriage? This hilarious video is the most apt illustration of how sex-ed is dealt with in our educational institutions. This report describes the glaring gap in comprehensive sexuality education for Indian in great detail. Not having adequate sex-ed is a violation of the human rights...

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