One Future Collective is an organization that works towards building compassionate youth social leadership through the use of art, education, community intervention and policy advocacy – across verticals of gender justice, mental health, legal reform and development policy.

Mumbai, India
+91 9082301339

Youth Meetups


We host curated youth meet-ups every six weeks, to facilitate themed dialogue and engagement amongst young people across sectors, with a focus on building collective action for change on developmental issues. There are no prerequisite qualifications or charges for attending these meetups, persons across sectors are encouraged to apply!

  1. Provide a space for young people to explore concepts and ideas they cannot otherwise discuss.
  2. Spotlight contemporary development challenges in the Indian context and build solution focused dialogues
  3. Create a community of active change makers and doers.

Currently these meetups take place regularly in Mumbai, Pune, and Bangalore, and occasionally in other cities.



One Future Collective